Solar panels

Thousands of homeowners are generating their own electricity and getting paid a tax free and inflation proofed income to do it. Returns are guaranteed for the next 20 years.
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Many home roofs are not suitable for solar panels. They face the wrong way or are shaded from the sun. But anyone can invest in community power schemes and still generate income from solar panels.
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Solar still works!

The government has chosen to end incentives for installing solar panels on 31st March this year.
But solar energy is still alive and kicking! Prices for panels and inverters, the key components of any system, have never been so low. The objective now is self consumption: That is using as much of the energy produced by your solar panels yourself. This can be achieved in many ways:

  • Manage your usage
    Choosing to do your energy heavy tasks (running the dish washer, washing machine etc) when the sun is out will ensure you use your solar power first. Or install a system to mange this for you whilst you are out.
  • EV - electric vehicles
    If you are considering the switch to an electric car or van, then solar makes a lot of sense. You get to fill up for free!
  • Battery storage
    Having a battery in you home or office means that even if you're out all day whilst the sun is shining, you can draw that free power off in the evening to power your lights, TV any most other domestic appliances. And only once you've used up all that stored energy will your system switch automatically to importing electricity from the grid.

We would love to talk to you about how we can help you make the most from solar. Whether its adding energy management, an EV charging point or battery storage, we have the experience and expertise to get a solution that works for you.

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