Basingstoke Energy Services Co-operative is owned by our customers – the people of Basingstoke. As a co-operative we are not unique; there are many thousands of co-ops across the UK.  However we are the only co-op in the area providing renewable energy.

So what does that mean?  It means we are owned by our customers – you.  Everyone who buys a solar panel system from the co-op becomes a member (if they want to).  It means you have direct control over the company. You become a “shareholder”.  Each year you can attend the annual general meeting, you can tell us what you think, vote on who manages the co-op and have your say.  Best of all you have a legal right to share in the profits we all make. So not only do you get a good deal on solar panels, you own the company that installs them and at the end of the year some of the profit is yours!
As a community spirited co-op we hope that that the members will use some of that profit to fund local community schemes.  We’d like to use the profits to help local schools, colleges and village halls get their own solar panels.  But at the end of the year it’s up to you – the members – to decide.
Find out more by visiting our solar calculator page.  This will give you a guide to how much a solar system from us might cost.  Our prices include VAT, design, installation, scaffolding, surveys and Energy Performance Certificates. There are no hidden extras.Click here for the Solar Calculator.

Or you can contact us here.

Our people

At the start of this year our membership elected the following officers as the management board for our social enterprise.

Martin Heath

Martin has over 25 years business experience both in renewable energy and IT.  He began looking at renewable technologies in 1980. Martin started his career at British Telecom rising to become an advisor to the main board.  He was one of the first BT employees to be sponsored to do an MBA.  Martin completed his MBA studies in 1986 and in 1988 joined the international firm of KPMG.  He became a partner in 1996.  Whilst at KPMG Martin lead their telecommunications consulting practice.  In 2004 he help build the firm’s Carbon Management team which works with clients helping them reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
Martin left KPMG in 2006 to set up his own consulting business. Martin met Andy Molloy through the Basingstoke Transition network.  Here they both decided that the way forward was to form an organisation that could directly work for the people of Basingstoke in reducing the borough’s environmental impact.  Hence Basingstoke Energy Services Co-op was born.
Just before forming Basingstoke Energy Services Co-op Martin spent a year at University of Surrey studying for a MSc in Environmental Strategy. Martin is also a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and a fellow of the RSA.

Andy Molloy (Chairman)

Andy is an experienced energy manager that has been working as a leader in customer centred operations for many years. His experience covers a range of plant and process engineering and management roles. Having worked in R&D for maritime and aerospace product development he moved into manufacturing of specialist diagnostic products and then Fast Moving Consumer Goods. He worked as a director in the energy solutions business of a large multinational blue chip corporation before establishing his own consultancy in 2010. He is a Chartered Engineer and Professional Project Manager with a passion for developing renewable and low carbon energy solutions for the UK. He is also a founder member of the Basingstoke Transition Network.

Trevor Harding (Secretary)

Trevor is a Chartered Surveyor with over 30 years commercial utilities and property experience.  He runs his own successful surveying practise covering a wide range of projects including Energy surveys and Project management.  Before starting his own practice he worked with British Gas and a local Government Office dealing with property and energy issues. Trevor’s interest in Energy Management led him to become a part of Basingstoke Energy Services Co op.  He is a member if the RICS (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors) qualifying in 1994 and is a certified Commercial Energy Assessor.