The Energy Co-op installs designs, installs and maintains renewable energy systems across North Hampshire and West Berkshire.  We install large 100kW plus community owned systems on the roofs of local businesses, colleges and halls.  We also install much smaller systems on the roofs of our members homes. Have a look at the sorts of thing we have done.

Community hall goes green and makes money

Brook vale village hall solar roof

We have installed one of the largest community owned systems in the country at Brookvale Village Hall.
In 2012, our team installed a 10 kWp system for Brookvale Community Association. Like many community groups, Brookvale welcomed the opportunity to reduce their costs whilst also securing a long term revenue for the community hall.
Despite the systems small size, the project presented a number of challenges. A new two phase supply had to be laid into the building and DNO connection and planning consents had to be obtained as part of an accelerated programme.
On completing the work, the association commented …”The Co-op engineers installed the system on time and on budget. Their work was to specification, neat and professional”.  Learn more.

Technical college installs city’s largest PV System

BCOT solar roof installation

After an extensive tender process, Basingstoke College of Technology (BCoT) has awarded Basingstoke Energy Services Co-op a contract to install the town's largest solar PV system.
The 100 kW 400 panel system will go live in April 2013 and will be at the forefront of the College's drive to become one of the most sustainable colleges in the UK.  All the energy generated will be used on-site to power college operations.  The college expects the new system will substantially reduce its electricity bills; lower its carbon footprint and fully pay for itself within seven years.
Designs for the  system are currently being finalized by together with applications for grid connections and planning consent.
Throughout the scheme’s development, we worked closely with the college’s leadership to create a proposal that maximized the client’s long term financial returns. Over the system’s 25 year life, the installation will generate some two million kilowatt hours of electricity and reduce the carbon footprint by approximately 940 tonnes of CO2Learn more.

Residents make financial returns in excess of 10% on solar PV investments.

The Co-op has been installing solar pv on roofs across the county.  Uniquely our customers become owners of the Co-op.  Not only do they get excellent value solar pv systems they get to share in the profits of the Co-op makes.
This Co-op member was one of the Co-op's first customers.  His installation was on a Edwardian slate roof.  Installs on old, delicate, roofs often present significant challenges for solar pv companies.  The Co-op installed the system on time and budget.  Very few slates where broken and all those that where got replaced.
The member has recommended us to his neighbours and colleagues.

Another satisfied customer (and member) in central Basingstoke.  This customer needed a new consumer unit installed. Our strutural engineers also recommended that additional roof timbers where installed to spread the roof load more evenly.  All this work was carried out by the Co-op at no extra charge.

The Co-op has installed an number of systems in Old Basing.  On the left is a recent install on a more modern roof.  The member is delighted with the system's performance with it achieving up to 75% of capacity even in March..

"The Co-op are very easy to work with.  We had a slight problem with the inverter in the first few weeks. But the Co-op replaced it straight away; without any fuss.  It's great to be a member and owner of the company.  It makes you feel as though it's you that's in charge" 

Mr M of Old Basing