BES Co-op delivers value for its customers by keeping costs low and using local skills and crafts people where possible.
We undertake a thorough assessment of each roof that we are invited to survey and will produce our proposals in accordance with the recommendations of Renewable Energy Association (REAL).
When you agree to proceed with an installation we will ensure that each property is surveyed and issued with an Energy Performance Certificate.  Customers will be advised about specific measures that could be install at their property to reduce energy costs.  We will undertake all necessary structural and ground surveys to ensure that our proposed scheme does not compromise the existing structural design of the building and is viable for local conditions.  We will also help our customers to undertake the necessary searches that will help them to confirm whether special local planning issues apply to their property that might conflict with our proposed scheme.  We will undertake all of these measures before we order the materials or initiate the installation process.
On completion of the installation process we will gather all the information that is required to operate the system and explain the important features of the system to you.  We will help you find and complete all the necessary documentation that they will need to register and run the new system that we have installed.  We will ensure that are satisfied that the installation is complete to our satisfaction before we leave site.  If there are any remedial actions required as a consequence of our work on site we will agree a plan to have those items resolved.
After the installation is complete and our customers start to become more familiar with the technology installed we will continue to support you.  As our customers you are a member and the owner of our co-op; you are also our greatest asset and hope you will pass on your experiences to our community.  That is how our co-op will improve and grow. And, as we grow we can deliver even more benefits to our local community.
Find out more by visiting our solar calculator page.  This will give you a guide to how much a solar system from us might cost.  Our prices include VAT, design, installation, scaffolding, surveys and Energy Performance Certificates. There are no hidden extras. Click here for the Solar Calculator.  Or contact us here.