About US

We are a registered co-operative set up in 2012. Our mission is to design & install renewable energy systems for the home, business, and the community.

We have installed renewable energy systems on many homes, fire stations, feeding directly into railways, on warehouse roofs, in fields, on village halls, on college roofs – almost anywhere an effective renewable energy system can be installed.
But not everywhere: We will only install systems that will give value for money over the whole lifetime of the system. 

We always provide performance and financial models as part of our tender. That way, you know what you can expect & plan for.

We operate our Co-operative in the most sustainable way we can:

  • We don’t fly anywhere.

  • Our office is meat free

  • We only buy used or refurbished office equipment, computers, etc.

  • We cycle to the office & travel to our clients by public transport wherever possible.

  • We actively support local environmental groups & local authorities to achieve their Climate Emergency targets.

  • This website is hosted by Fasthosts using 100% renewable energy in the UK.

  • We use Ecosia as a search engine – 200% renewable energy (they make twice as much as they use!) and they plant trees with the profits they make from advertisers. Try it yourself.
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