Landowners interested in exploring the possibility of a solar farm should ask the following four questions:

  • Is my land suitable for a solar farm?
  • What are the implications of having a solar farm?
  • What is my role and are there any future commitments?
  • What actions should I take to realise the potential of a solar farm?

We can work with you to answer these important questions.

Issues to consider when selecting and leasing land for a solar farm:

Land location and suitability for solar-PV farm

  • Six to sixty acres in size
  • The land is Grade 3 or 4 or lower
  • The land is available to lease within 4 to 6 months
  • The site is visually well-shielded
  • The site is not shaded and preferably flat or slightly south sloping
  • No designations: AONB, SSSI, WHS, NP or Scheduled ancient monuments, etc
  • There are no planning restrictions or covenants which may prevent approval of a solar farm
  • Has a proper grid connection passing over, under or beside the site i.e. 11kv, 33kv lines or a substation
  • No Rights of Way over or immediately adjacent to the site e.g. footpaths or bridleways
  • There is no flood risk, good drainage
  • Reasonably good vehicular access for construction
  • Not too many gas or water pipes
  • No difficult mortgages that may delay consent

Implications you need to consider

  • Check the loss of single farm payment/subsidies
  • A lease contract for at least 20 years
  • Continued use of solar site for sheep grazing
  • The ecological value of PV for your land/farm
  • Implications for Trusts or Inheritance tax etc
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